MANUNATURE® RR LC2 is a polyethylene coextruded stretch film that is meant for pallet wrapping and transport safety. This product contains 30% regrind from post-consumer recycling and an overall 60% of recycled content; it has been designed in the light of circular economy to re-use polymer waste streams for high-quality applications (close loop recycling).

  • Manual wrapping with up to 150% (23 µm) pre-stretch with or without dispenser.
  • 100% recyclable LLDPE film, for standard applications for manual wrapping.
  • Typical use: all general packing purposes.
  • Good load stability.
  • Good mechanical and tear resistance.
  • Puncture rating: ★★
  • High clarity.
  • Standard and tailor-made sizes.
  • Saving opportunities.
  • Reduces environmental impact.
Sustainable stretch film