This is our vision, our daily mission and our promise to you!

Manupackaging, formerly Manuli Stretch, is the inventor of stretch film in Europe and has been an innovative producer of a wide range of 100% recyclable premium products for over 50 years.

These include: LLDPE pallet wrap films, stretch hood and stretch films for agriculture and waste recycling.

We offer a wide range of 100% recyclable premium films to more than 15,000 customers.

In partnership with wholesalers in the packaging industry and our international key accounts, we are highly motivated and set the pace for the development and production of sustainable film products.

With a production capacity of more than 150,000 tonnes, our global distribution network supplies more than 15,000 customers with 100% recyclable premium films in 65 countries worldwide.

The Manupackaging group operates at 11 locations, with 4 production sites in Schkopau/Leipzig (Germany), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Curitiba and Manaus (Brazil).

With 7 sales organisations in Europe (6) and Latin America (1), we offer customers a variety of complementary stretch packaging and an extensive range of end-of-line machines.

Our claim “a natural passion for protection” is reflected in our corporate vision, which promotes partnership with packaging wholesalers and joint product development, as well as cooperation with end-user customers, including international key accounts.

Regional. National. Global

No matter where your transport packaging is needed we kindly assist you!

At our 4 production sites, we develop high-quality, 100% recyclable stretch film products for the optimal transport and perfect load securing of goods and commodities.

Main production site: Schkopau-Leipzig / Germany

Technology + Core Competencies

  • Cast extrusion for industrial stretch films
  • Stretch film alignment and further processing
  • Extrusion of stretch hose and top sheet
  • Film blowing process for stretch bonnets and PE films
  • Stretch film converting
  • Extrusion of agricultural stretch films
  • Site warehouse for several product lines

Production site: Buenos Aires / Argentina

Technology + Core Competencies

  • Cast extrusion for industrial stretch films
  • Converting lines for stretch film, stretch film orientation and further processing
  • Adhesive tapes: Processing + cutting lines
  • Site warehouse for several product lines

Production sites: Curitiba and Manaus / Brazil

Technology + Core Competencies

  • Cast extrusion for industrial stretch films
  • Converting lines for stretch film, stretch film orientation and further processing
  • Adhesive tapes: Processing + cutting lines
  • Site warehouse for several product lines

Major shareholder of Manupackaging Group and M Stretch S.p.A.
Oxy Capital


Pierfranco Di Gioia, Manupackaging CEO

  • In Manupackaging since April 2020
  • Previously engaged in Industrial Adhesives (Forbo), Protective Packaging (Pregis) and Natural Extracts (Silvateam)
  • Key competences: problem solving and team builder, strategic thinker and strategy execution
  • Languages: Italian, English, Spanish, German
  • Living in Switzerland

Massimo Moroni, Manupackaging Global Procurement & Marketing

  • In Manupackaging since 1993
  • Previously engaged in banking and textile business
  • Key competences: general management, sales, marketing and procurement
  • Languages: Italian, English, German, Spanish, French
  • Living in Italy

Isabell Stolte, Manupackaging Global Research, Development & Innovation

  • In Manupackaging since 2015
  • Previously engaged in academia (Martin Luther Universität Halle Wittenberg), PhD thesis on biodegradable films, Post Doc position on analysis of polyolefin materials
  • Key competences: Material science, application technology, innovation and technical marketing
  • Languages: German, English, Italian
  • Living in Germany

Ronny Kittler, Manupackaging Deutschland Plant Manager

  • In Manupackaging since August 2017
  • Previously engaged in sheet extrusion (Polycasa) and injection molding (KEW)
  • Key competences: operations, target oriented, problem solving, open mind culture
  • Languages: German, English
  • Living in Germany

Maurizio Tagliatti, Manupackaging Latin America and Manupackaging Argentina General Manager

  • In Manupackaging since 1986
  • Previously engaged in manufacturing of plastics processing equipment (Dolci Extrusion) and plastics extrusion converters (Manuli Tapes, Mondoplastico)
  • Key competences: general management, operations
  • Languages: Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, English
  • Living in Argentina

Thiago Zortea, Manupackaging Brazil General Manager

  • In Manupackaging since May 2014
  • Previously engaged in Audit Companies (Ernst & Young and PwC – Big Four Audit) and Paper Industries (Norske Skog)
  • Key competences: general management, team leader, conflict mediator, negotiator, versatile, focused on positive results.
  • Languages: Portuguese, Italian, English
  • Living in Brazil


Tassilo Steinbach, Manupackaging Advisory Board Member

  • In Manupackaging Advisory Board since 2020
  • Previously engaged in Power Tools (Robert Bosch), Home Appliance (Siemens), Tyres (Reiff Reifen), Packaging (Antalis Packaging Director and Managing Director Antalis Packaging Germany)
  • Key competences: general management, outside the box thinking, people developer, consulting
  • Languages: German, English, Spanish
  • Living in Germany

Simone Maggioni, Manupackaging Advisory Board Member

  • In Manupackaging Advisory Board since 2021
  • Currently Managing Director Eric Salmon Italy
  • Key competences: advise companies on top leadership topics, such as succession plans
  • Languages: Italian, English, French
  • Living in Switzerland

Pierfranco Di Gioia
Ronny Kittler
Massimo Moroni


We develop and produce 100% recyclable and sustainable stretch film products with a high level of innovation and are committed to creating a sustainable circular economy for them. We want to be the best service provider for our customers and offer them the best value for money.


Value creation, growing profitability and responsibility through professionally qualified as well as motivated employees.

State-of-the-art technology and lean processes to consolidate leadership in providing high performance industrial as well as agricultural films for product and transport protection.

In doing so, we focus on an ecological and economic approach for our customers.


Value creation: Manupackaging strives for a business model that enables the company to act successfully and achieve sustainable excellence, innovation as well as performance in the interest of all shareholders in present and future.

Quality & Reliability: Manupackaging is committed to achieving the best quality and continuously developing the performance of its products. For Manupackaging, reliability means earning the trust of its customers through technical experience, excellence in manufacturing, service, product quality, lean processes and cost control.

Respect for the environment: Manupackaging considers respect for the environment as an essential value of its employees, customers and communities in which it operates. Therefore, it is committed to creating value for shareholders while reducing its environmental impact.

Social responsibility: Manupackaging promotes the adoption of ethical behaviour and respect for human rights in accordance with the International Labour Organisation’s “Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work”[1].

[1] Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work of the International Labour Organisation, 1998.

For further information, please find here our current documentation on the Integrated Management Policy, our Sustainability Report and our Code of Conduct.

Protecting products and goods, at every location and with every movement, is our daily business. With our product portfolio, we make an active contribution to environmental protection. A sustainable approach to our world and natural resources is firmly anchored in Manupackaging’s DNA:

Our company works according to these principles:

Guiding principle
We continuously optimise the physical properties (chem. properties by raw material suppliers) of the products we manufacture while adhering to resource-saving and energy-saving processes and adapting them to new areas of application.

We offer our customers personal assistance in finding solutions to packaging problems and develop solutions for the best possible application of our products, taking into account an effective combination of product and machine.
We assure our customers that we fulfill all legal and environmental requirements and customer wishes in our product portfolio and offer a customer service that meets the quality demands of our customers.

Our employees are our success drivers and enable our philosophy to be lived throughout the company and all its activities. We want to enable our employees to have the best conditions and qualifications for their area of responsibility.
We work daily on fair and cooperative corporate communication to provide productive environments for every team member in every area of the company.

To meet the high demands of our customers, we select our suppliers according to defined criteria regarding performance and sustainability.

Environment and energy
We take responsibility for compliance with all environmental protection measures in relation to our product portfolio, products and services, suppliers and service providers and other business activities.
We are committed to complying with the applicable legal framework and requirements of our shareholder for the environment and energy, to continuously improve our environmental and energy performance and thus to make an effective contribution to resource conservation and environmental protection.

The following activities and measures are part of this:

  • We regularly review all financial and structural requirements for functioning business operations.
  • We ensure that all employees are integrated into the implementation and maintenance of the IMS and that the necessary responsibilities are defined by us.
  • We continuously evaluate our activities in terms of energy and environmental impacts.
  • We set ourselves new targets every year to improve our energy efficiency and comply with guidelines for the protection of natural resources:
    • Reducing our waste consumption.
    • Recycling of plastic and other materials used by us.
    • Use of recycled plastics in certain product groups.
    • Limiting the consumption of natural resources, mainly energy.
    • Rationalisation of the consumption of raw materials, in particular pure granules and other materials.


Protect. Preserve. Maintain.

We take this responsibility seriously and are actively involved in various associations and initiatives to enable perfect load securing, sustainable transport packaging and ecological responsibility.

Our locations in Germany, Great Britain, Argentina and Brazil are certified according to the ISO quality management system ISO 9001:2015.

The Manupackaging Germany site is also certified in accordance with the ISO 5001:2018 Energy Management System and the ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System.

In addition to all internal activities, sustainable networking and cooperation with all partners in the industry is particularly important to us.

The Manupackaging Group is one of the founding members of ERDE and APE. Current and further information on our commitment can be found here.

We regularly have our CSR activities evaluated by EcoVadis. EcoVadis is a globally established provider of sustainability rankings for companies.

Manupackaging is involved in the “Zero Granulate Loss” project initiated by the Industrievereinigung Kunststoffverpackungen for all plastics processing companies.

The aim is to prevent the loss of plastic granulate along the supply chain. Particular attention is paid to protecting against the loss of loose granulate so that it does not enter the environmental and water cycle. We raise awareness and train our employees and suppliers so that we can contribute to preventing the pollution of water bodies by plastics. We take the current situation of oceans polluted with plastic waste very seriously.



As a manufacturer and supplier of transport packaging for industrial use, we face up to the special responsibility of providing the best possible protection for people, products and the environment. In cooperation with the most important institutions in our industry, we actively work on solutions and new concepts.

We are an active member of EUMOS – the European Safe Logistics Association – and are represented in numerous working groups to realise the improvement of safety in the entire logistics chain.

This non-profit association undertakes numerous activities for higher safety standards in logistics. Together with other members, EUMOS has been instrumental in the development of several cargo safety standards and is constantly working with cargo safety experts to improve safety standards in Europe.

EUMOS is committed to the EU’s Vision Zero target (zero road fatalities) as part of the EU Road Safety Action Plan. The EUMOS 40509 and EUMOS 40511 standards have been included in Annex 3 for cargo safety of the EU Directive 2014/47/EU and provide standards for cargo unit safety.



As an internationally active company, it is important to us to provide optimal working conditions for our employees and also to make a contribution to the entire supply chain and cooperation with our suppliers and partners.

We are a supplier member of SEDEX.

The objectives of SEDEX are to improve ethics and social performance throughout the global supply chain and to standardise social auditing standards.

The history of Manupackaging is closely linked to its founder Dardanio Manuli, who establishes the Manuli company in Milan in 1935. The Manuli Group as a family business starts with the production of rubber tyres, hose cores, hoses, insulating tapes, power cables and lays the strategic fundament for Manuli Stretch.

The Manuli Stretch Group, renamed Manupackaging in 2020, start operations in 1969 as a manufacturer of polyethylene (PE) films. As innovator and pacesetter in the packaging industry, the Group is the inventor and first producer of stretch films in Europe.

1993-2007, the Group establishes local operations in eight European countries and develops further packaging products. The growing demand for high-performance transport packaging and load security films drive a further expansion of the Group production capacities.

1997, Manupackaging Deutschland (Schkopau/Leipzig) is founded for the production of industrial and agricultural stretch films.

1998, Manupackaging Argentina starts the production of pallet wrapping films in Escobar/Buenos Aires. Manupackaging Deutschland acquires DRG, a German producer of stretch film

2002, Manupackaging Argentina starts a distribution cooperation with a Brazilian partner to meet the growing demand for film products and other packaging materials in Brazil.

2010, the Group acquires a majority shareholding in Manuli Fitasa in order to offer even more customer focus in the growing brazilian market with five business locations.

2011 Manupackaging becomes a leading manufacturer of stretch films in Brazil and the subsidiary. Manupackaging Chile is founded.

2012, the Group expands its product portfolio and invests in blown extrusion capacity in Germany to produce multi-layer and high-performance stretch hoods.

2014, the Group invests in new coating and cutting equipment for the production and converting of BOPP packaging tapes at its site in Argentina.

2016, Manupackaging starts producing stretch film at the Manaus site in Brazil.

2017, DRG is merged with Manuli Stretch Deutschland to exploit all synergies for the stretch film portfolio of industrial packaging.

2018, Oxy Capital Italia s.r.l. acquires a majority stake in the Group, which from 2020 is renamed Manupackaging as an industry pacesetter and innovator in sustainable packaging solutions.

2020, Pierfranco Di Gioia becomes the new CEO of Manupackaging. Under his leadership, a Group Advisory Board with internationally experienced management experts from the packaging industry is established.

2021, Manupackaging Deutschland launches a strategic investment plan to meet the growing demand for sustainable film products in a customer focused market development: multilayer brand new state of the art extrusion lines are installed. The subsequent expansion of production capacities serves the increasing demand for 100% recyclable Super-Power-films, including the sustainable Manunature® product portfolio.

2022 Manupackaging Argentina invests in a modern cast extrusion line for the production of sustainable and high-performance stretch films.

2023 Manupackaging Deutschland inaugurates its M-Forum, a large showroom equipped with the latest testing technology where customers and partners can carry out live tests of palletized goods with a wide variety of film applications.

The M Forum also represents a central place for high-quality workshops, information exchange and learning opportunity for customers and partners. It also hosts Seminars and Webinars about specialist topics with special focus on sustainability, circular economy, closed the loop.