Insufficiently protective packaging jeopardises economic efficiency – especially with regard to feedstuffs in the agricultural industry. Perfect storage of silage and the preservation of its organoleptic properties are an absolute must here. Manupackaging’s extra-strong 100% recyclable stretch film is nothing less than the optimal solution here.

AGRIFLEX® EVOLUTION 5+, the latest generation of agricultural stretch film from Manupackaging, is: multilayer, 100% recyclable, highly stress-resistant; flexible, strong and tear-resistant. Tested and wrapped on all known models of wrappers and wrapper combinations for round or square bales, the film has proven its reliability millions of times. The use of the latest generation of raw materials has led to the development of an incredibly strong yet flexible film, which is processed very quietly. It attaches perfectly to the bale, optimally seals it, and can be perfectly cut afterwards. Thanks to the completely new composition and improved properties, it offers optimum reliability and workability as well as perfect results at a low cost.

  • 100% recyclable multilayer film.
  • Best mechanical properties & cling capacity.
  • UV stability, 12 months top forage quality guarantee.
  • Highest oxygen barrier.
  • Optimal puncture and tear resistance.
  • Suitable on round & square bales.
  • Consistent high performance in all weather conditions and long-haul transportation.
  • Proven performance on millions of bales.
  • Suitable on all bale wrappers.