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No MANULOCK®, no optimum protection. Our multi-layer stretch hoods guarantee maximum reliability for the protection of pallets and goods units during transport as well as storage. Thanks to the sophisticated combination of raw materials, the special structure and the Manupackaging technology, MANULOCK® offers unique advantages, including high elasticity and stretchability.


Our multilayer stretch hood guarantees the best-possible reliability for the protection of pallets and goods units during storage and transport. High quality workmanship, high elasticity and stretchability are guaranteed. MANULOCK® is based on a special combination of raw materials and a unique processing, meaning that you benefit from these specifications as standard:

  • 100 % recyclable, suitable for all types of packaging machines, easy to use for the best results
  • Can be processed under all temperature conditions
  • Optimal storage options under a range of conditions, thus preventing static charge and algae formation
  • Efficient pallet output
  • Excellent for packing heat-sensitive products, also provides top protection against dust, moisture and dirt
  • Anti-theft protection, high transparency for perfect visibility of pallet contents (perfect barcode scanability)
  • Superior puncture and impact resistance for excellent compact pallets and top load stability
  • Low energy consumption, no heating required
  • Prevention of fire and explosion hazards, lowering of insurance costs and reduction of unnecessary adhesion to packaged goods
  • Easy bag removal


  • A single size of MANULOCK® can be adapted for various tailor-made formats and applications
  • Available with high and medium perforation
  • Available in various colours and with lettering
  • UV protection and UV absorber available on request
  • Hose circumference from 1640 – 4800, side gusset 100 – 650

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Tips for using our MANULOCK® stretch hoods:

Roll storage

Ideal under a roof – no direct sunlight when stored outdoors!

Storage conditions: max -10°C / + 30°C

Protection against edge damage during warehouse manipulation


In the cold season, rolls should be conditioned 24 – 48 hours before processing

Cold foils have reduced flexibility


The system should be serviced regularly – many moving parts are subject to wear

Clamping the roll centrally in the machine

When changing rolls, avoid air pockets (balloons) in the film web – the film web can run

Foil cutters should be replaced regularly – poor cuts result in tears

Unnecessary “overstretch” should be avoided if possible – the reefing fingers should be guided as close as possible to the packing edge, the film will thank you with higher restoring force

Storage / Transportation

Freshly applied foil does not yet have the full performance – the foil will follow suit, and the tension on the packaged goods increases for about 24 hours

The piercing of the film with forklift forks (weakening) can be avoided in many machines by placing the film on the top edge of the pallet (load carrier).

Reduce empty spaces when transporting the units – the more form-fitting the load is, the less permanent stress on the packaging film

Stretch hood for pallet unitization


Main application sector: building, chemicals, bagged goods, general.

Stretch hood for pallet unitization


Main application sector: home appliances, bricks and cement, general.

Stretch hood for pallet unitization


Main application sector: anti “holing” and in general where high stretch is needed.

Stretch hood for pallet unitization


Main application sector: composts, cardboards, garden bagged goods and EVA free applications.