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No MANULOCK®, no optimum protection. Our multi-layer stretch hoods guarantee maximum reliability for the protection of pallets and goods units during transport as well as storage. Thanks to the sophisticated combination of raw materials, the special structure and the Manupackaging technology, MANULOCK® offers unique advantages, including high elasticity and stretchability.

  • 100% recyclable, suitable on all machines, easy to use for the best running conditions.
  • Processable under all temperature conditions.
  • Optimal storing in different conditions, avoiding static charges and algae formation.
  • High pallets output and available with UV protection and UV absorber.
  • Excellent for packing heat sensitive products, neat appearance, complete and best protection against dust, moisture, dirt.
  • Anti theft security, high transparency, perfect visualization of pallet content (such as goods packed with bar code).
  • Superior puncture and impact resistance for excellent compact pallets, superior load stability and holding force.
  • One size of MANULOCK® is suitable for different formats, adaptable to tailor-made applications.
  • Low energy usage and no heating eliminate fire or explosion risk, minimizing insurance costs and unnecessary sticking on packed goods.
  • Easiness in bags removal.
Stretch hood for pallet unitization


Main application sector: building, chemicals, bagged goods, general.

Stretch hood for pallet unitization


Main application sector: home appliances, bricks and cement, general.

Stretch hood for pallet unitization


Main application sector: anti “holing” and in general where high stretch is needed.

Stretch hood for pallet unitization


Main application sector: composts, cardboards, garden bagged goods and EVA free applications.