No matter what you call it – it doesn’t go down well with you or the customer. That’s why the following applies: A packaging solution is much more than a stretch film, a stretch hood or an edge protector. The entire process of packaging and shipping must be considered – often even including unpacking and repackaging. Our specialists have everything in view and develop individual packaging concepts that save costs, time and hassle.

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Integrated management policy

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Sustainability Report 2021

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Code of Conduct 2022

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Portfolio products


100% recyclable stretch film for machine applications.


100% recyclable hand stretch film for perfect load security.


100% recyclable stretch hoods for pallets and units of goods.


100% recyclable stretch film for industrial waste bale wrapping.

AGRIFLEX® Evolution 5+

100% recyclable agricultural stretch film for bale wrappers.


Strong stretch film for industrial packaging including at least
30% post-commercially recycled plastics.

Manunature® RR


100% recyclable and biodegradable stretch film for industrial packaging.

Manunature® BD


100% recyclable stretch film for industrial packaging with
50% PE content based on renewable raw materials.

Manunature® BB



Recycling in agriculture, Germany.


European Safe Logistics Association, Germany.



As a founding member of the ERDE Recycling System, we support the take-back and recycling concept for crop plastics to support an active contribution to sustainable agriculture and efforts to conserve resources.


We are SEDEX member. The goals of SEDEX are to improve ethics and social performance along the entire global supply chain and to standardise social auditing standards.



Climate Protection Certificate 2021.


ISCC’s aims are the implementation of highest sustainability requirements. Our product Manunature® BB fulfils the criteria.

ISCC PLUS 2022 certificate Manupackaging Manunature BB


Null Granulatverlust certificate


EcoVadis regularly assesses the quality of our CR management systems.



ISO 9001:2015

Quality assurance system.

ISO 14001:2015

Energy management system.

ISO 50001:2018

Environmental management system.

ISO50001 2018_Manupackaging_SGS_TöV_SAAR_2022-2025_en

Conditions of Sale

General Terms and Conditions for Deliveries and Services

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Pallet configurator

Your packaging consultant for free

The Manupackaging STATS

Have you ever wondered just how effective your current packaging setup is?

Did you know that by ensuring you are using the right machinery setups and products, you could reduce your spending and consumption without compromising quality and load containment?

For this reason, Manupackaging offers Site Testing And Technical Survey (STATS for short), a completely free of charge service with the primary aim of optimising your packaging systems; but how does it work?

The free audit program

STATS is the free packaging audit service provided by Manupackaging to ensure you continually benefit from the best product range and service levels to meet your requirements.

STATS is a multifaceted approach to reduce your consumption & cost of packaging whilst also increasing profitability and reducing your company’s impact on the environment. Our Industry experts can provide you with independent advice on product rationalisation and streamlining of your production processes to meet your company’s unique criteria.

An appointment with a packaging expert

Our packaging experts will visit your site(s); will analyse your existing setups, taking note of your site objectives, calculating your current expenditure and material use in the process.

They will also test your machine settings, assessing factors such as tension levels and number of pallet rotations on machines as well as the thickness, length and stretch capabilities of products you are currently using.

Once our experts have collected all necessary data, a full STATS report can then be produced and presented to illustrate any improvements, reduction in environmental impact & / or cost savings that could be achieved whilst always ensuring the integrity of the load is maintained or improved during this process.

The report will evaluate your current spend and consumption based on your existing setups & will propose ways of making improvements – alternative machine settings, proposing alternate product grades, machinery improvements, or any combination of these.

Once an action plan has been agreed, the recommendations will be trialled with the relevant teams to ensure full site cooperation. When proposals are in place, STATS will be carried out periodically to ensure savings are maintained moving forward.

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