MANUNATURE® RR AT is a polyethylene coextruded stretch film that is meant for pallet wrapping and transport safety. This product contains 30% regrind from post-consumer recycling and has been designed in the light of circular economy to re-use polymer waste streams for high-quality applications (close loop recycling).

  • Automatic, turntable, rotating arm, rotating ring, horizontal, semi-automatic wrapping machines with 200% (23 µm) minimum guaranteed pre-stretch.
  • 100% recyclable LLDPE film, for standard applications with wrapping machines.
  • Typical use: bricks, ceramics, cement, chemicals, canning, food, beverages, confectionery, textile industry. It can be used to wrap any kind of packing. Particularly suggested for medium to heavy loads.
  • Very high load stability.
  • Very high mechanical and tear resistance.
  • Puncture rating: ★★★
  • High clarity.
  • High wrapping speed.
  • Good saving opportunities.
  • Approved for food contact*.
  • Reduces environmental impact.
  • Standard and tailor-made sizes.


* This product is meant for pallet wrapping and transport safety, thus for packaging with indirect food contact. However, it is guaranteed that occasional food contact does not imply any risk to human and animal health.

Sustainable stretch film