All these words describe the core competence of Manupackaging. The integrity of our customers’ goods is the focus of our thoughts and actions. To this end, we develop and manufacture the highest quality transport packaging – from stretch films and stretch hoods to PE films and strapping to bubble films and edge protection solutions. A wide range of packaging machines is also part of our product portfolio. Our experts are looking forward to helping you find the right packaging machines for you.

Machine stretch film for pallet wrapping
Industrial packaging
Agricultural stretch film for silage
Agricultural packaging
Sustainable stretch film

Manupackaging, global leadership in protection packaging

Manupackaging, formerly known as Manuli Stretch, is the pioneering Company which developed Stretch Film in Europe for the first time. For over 50 years the Company has been manufacturing a wide range of high-quality packaging solutions for several applications.

It now manufactures and distributes in 65 countries a variety of 100% recyclable superior packaging products, including LLDPE Pallet Wrap Films, Stretch Hoods and Agricultural Films, for the best tailor-made packaging solutions.

Furthermore, Manupackaging, as a complement to its manufactured products, distributes a wide range of packaging consumables, including bubble bags, packaging and special tapes, strapping, shrink and polyolefin films, top sheets, packaging machines and several types of agricultural products and films.

With its innovative vision and wide range of products, the group provides its customers with an all-around service to virtually all application sectors, including beverages, food, chemicals, paper, logistics, large-scale retail trade, agriculture, plastics converting and many others.

This ever-evolving activity is carried out on day-by-day basis through tailored solutions made with passion for all its customers.

Being a Manupackaging customer means being able to benefit from:

  • the experience of the inventor of stretch film, being the ones who have the widest range of products
  • a collaboration with the historic leader in industrial packaging films
  • a manufacturing carried out in Germany
  • flexible delivery times and service that fit your needs
  • a free audit of your packaging stations with the proposal of turn-key, optimized solutions
  • a wide range of stretch films for automatic and manual application, pre-stretched, all designed to limit the environmental impact and optimize the costs, for optimal loading safety
  • a wide range of stretch hoods for all types of applications
  • a wide range of films for municipal waste packaging
  • the expertise of our research and development department

A manufacturing philosophy oriented to distribution

The Company operates 5 manufacturing facilities in Schkopau/Leipzig – Germany, Corsham/Bristol – U.K., Buenos Aires – Argentina, Curitiba and Manaus – Brazil, on a total building space exceeding 130.000 sqm, with an annual nameplate capacity of more than 200.000 tons.

The Company also owns distribution commercial companies throughout Europe and Latin America, counting overall 16 locations, including Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Czech Republic, Italy and Chile.

All manufacturing plants and all distribution branches also provide techno-marketing support in local language for a variety of packaging products and applications, along with sales people, expert tele-sellers and customer care staff and product specialists.

Manupackaging vision also entails a strong collaboration with partner distributors that share product development as well as collaboration with end user customers, including “Key Accounts”.

Certified quality

The group has always been sensitive and committed to all aspects of the business and to its stakeholders; it is ISO 9001 certified at the manufacturing sites in Europe, respectively in Germany and the U.K. and Latin America, respectively in Argentina and Brazil.

Moreover, the German site, Manupackaging Deutschland, is also ISO 50001 (energy management) and ISO 14001 (environmental management) certified. This site additionally boasts the DGL Certification relevant to its AGRIFLEX® EVOLUTION product line.

It is also one of the founder members of ERDE, the German voluntary plastic recovery system relevant to agricultural films, is member of APE, the French voluntary plastics recovery system relevant to agricultural films and also belongs to EUMOS, the European cargo transport safety association.

Thanks to its policies, management system, actions and results, in 2019 Manuli Stretch Deutschland was awarded with the The EcoVadis CSR “excellent” score.

Ecovadis CSR scoring system measures the quality of a company’s Corporate Social Responsibility based upon seven founding principles:

  1. Evidence Based
  2. Industry Sector, Country and Size Matter
  3. Diversification of Sources
  4. Technology
  5. Assessment by International CSR Experts
  6. Traceability & Transparency
  7. Excellence through Continuous Improvement

The certifications and these initiatives bear witness to the efforts made by the company worldwide to face the increasingly competitive challenges of the marketplace, the resulting customer needs and ever evolving technological changes.

Manupackaging packaging is responsible, balanced, safe, accessible, sincere, informative, up-to-date, forward-looking, cost efficient oriented, environment-protection oriented.