Or, in other words, for your business and for everyone who uses waste management resources responsibly and efficiently. As a pioneer in stretch film in Europe, we have expanded our proprietary technologies in the waste management business with an extensive range of environmentally responsible and profitable methods of handling municipal waste and fragmented waste materials. For our customers, this means more cost-effective handling, more efficient storage and safer transport.


This high-performance stretch film for bale wrapping allows the efficient handling of waste management resources. Our proprietary technology offers all municipal waste management areas the ideal range to enable the environmentally responsible treatment of municipal waste and fragmented waste materials. Choose the ECOFLEX RR with 30% recycled content to optimise your carbon footprint. Clean, safe and odorless.

Ideal solution for wrapping waste bales. You will benefit from: Efficient storage, cost-effective handling and safe transport.


  • Suitable for all waste balers – for round and square bales
  • 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly LLDPE film
  • Serves as a barrier against moisture and odors
  • Optimal mechanical, puncture and tear resistance
  • Best protection against dust, compact bale stability
  • Significant reduction of environmental impact
  • Optimal storage options under different conditions, avoiding static charge and algae formation
  • Excellent cost-saving opportunities
  • Proven on millions of bales
  • If bales are destined for incineration, ECOFLEX high calorific value can contribute to energy production


  • Colours available in black, white and green
  • With UV protection on request

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