Protecting products and goods, in every place and with every movement: it’s what we do every day. With your help, we deliver an active contribution to environmental protection and the circular economy. Environmental protection – a sustainable relationship with our world and natural resources – is firmly anchored in Manupackaging’s DNA.
With our latest developments in the MANUNATURE® range, we offer you transport protection solutions made of 100% recyclable stretch film.

Manunature® RR

The high-quality, high-performance polyethylene stretch film Manunature® RR is 100% recyclable. It is composed of at least 30% post-commercial recycled plastics and, depending on the intended use, up to 60% regenerated material in total. For a true circular economy.

Manunature® BD

Manunature® BD is biodegradable* and 100% recyclable. As a result of the biological degradation process, the polymers decompose to CO2, water and biomass. There are no microplastics. Manunature® BD is 100% usable and recyclable 12 months after the production date. Only then does the natural decomposition process begin.

Manunature® BB

Manufactured using renewable raw materials, it consists of 50% organic LLDPE, a waste product from the timber industry. Simply brilliant: with every kilogram of organic LLDPE raw material used in Manunature® BB production, two kilograms of CO2 is taken out of the atmosphere. In addition, Manunature® BB is 100% recyclable.

Make use of our unique material combinations for your individual requirements:

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With partners and specialists from research and industry, we are continuously working on further developments for film applications that make a relevant contribution to a sustainable circular economy along the entire supply chain.

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