Manupackaging, the producer of environmentally sustainable films, has entered a strategic partnership with Saica Natur as PCR LLDPE supplier. The new partnership is grounded in the common sustainability approach of both companies.

Manupackaging, the producer of environmentally sustainable films, today announces a strategic supply partnership with Saica Natur Cycle Plus, a company of Saica Group, to classify and recycle post-consumer low-density polyethylene (LDPE/LLDPE) and reintroduce it in the production cycle as a valuable raw material. Their post-commercial recyclates (PCR) produced are used by Manupackaging to produce the innovative product line Manunature® RR, a 100% recyclable high-performance polyethylene stretch film.

Depending on the intended use, the high-performance stretch film contains up to 60% of PCR regenerated material in total. The Manunature® RR line is part of Manupackaging’s portfolio which includes a variety of high performance sustainable load security and transport packaging films such as Manunature® BB with 50% renewable feedstock-based LLDPE; and Manunature® BD, a novel biodegradable stretch film containing no microplastics.

“Increasing demand for sustainable packaging solutions, especially from industries like food and beverage, is encouraging us to further develop eco stretch films and to extract more value from the total product cycle of our raw materials”, commented Pierfranco Di Gioia, CEO of M Stretch, holding company of the Manupackaging Group. “On this particular area of focus, we are working closely with key partners throughout the relevant supply chain. Our goal is to launch a packaging project in Germany next year based on the circular economy”.

“We also recently installed two brand new cutting edge technology extrusion lines that are dedicated to the production and development of our current and forthcoming sustainable films” he added.

“The circular economy is fundamental for Saica Group and so it has been integrated into our business model based on the responsible and efficient use of resources. This work begins by finding synergies within processes to reduce the linear elements, maximising the recovery of resources, reducing waste generation, and reincorporating them into the production cycle. Natur Cycle Plus is part of this philosophy, helping its customers to move towards more circular models”, said Luis Pellejer, Director of Saica Natur Cycle Plus.

Natur Cycle Plus is not only delivering its recyclates to Manupackaging, but also packaging its own products with high performance stretch film supplied by Manupackaging that contains Saica Natur Cycle Plus recyclates. In this way, Saica is leading by example in the use of recyclates in its own product packaging.


Manupackaging Group

The pioneering company that invented stretch film in Europe, serves more than 15,000 customers a wide range of 100% recyclable premium films.

With more than 150,000 t production capacity, the Group reaches its customers in 65 countries worldwide through a global distribution network.

Through its group companies, it operates in 11 locations with 4 manufacturing facilities located in Schkopau/Leipzig (Germany), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Curitiba and Manaus (Brazil), in addition to 7 distribution organizations located in Europe (6) and Latina America (1), offering also a variety of other than stretch packaging consumables and end of line machinery.

Manupackaging motto “a natural passion for protection” is mirrored in its vision, fostering partnership collaborations with packaging wholesalers and sharing product development as well as collaboration with end user customers including international key accounts.


Saica Group

The Saica Group is one of the leading companies in Europe in the manufacture of recycled paper for corrugated board, with an annual production capacity of 3.3 million tons of recycled paper for corrugated board. With more than 10,000 employees and a presence in Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Turkey, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and the United States, Saica Group has four business lines: manufacture of recycled paper for corrugated board (Saica Paper), waste management and environmental services (Saica Natur), production of corrugated board packaging (Saica Pack) and flexible packaging (Saica Flex). The group’s turnover is € 4,820 million (consolidated turnover at Dec. 31, 2021). Natur Cycle Plus, a division from Saica Natur, is specialised in the recovery, classification and treatment of low-density polyethylene (LDPE) to produce valuable recyclates.

Since its beginnings, Saica Group has integrated the circular economy into its own business model. With the aim of minimizing the environmental impact, and driven by the goal of “Zero Waste to Landfill”, Saica develops solutions for the use of waste and designs systems for its reuse and recovery. In 2021, Saica managed 2.6 million tonnes of waste, recycled 3.8 million tonnes of waste, and produced 3.2 million m2 of corrugated cardboard.