We not only take care of first-class transport security for your goods and merchandise, but also ensure that all our products and services are as sustainable and environmentally friendly as we can make them. Our promise: a natural passion for protection!


In every activity it performs, Manupackaging engages in safeguarding the values of correct and sensible behaviour with regard to the environment by setting precise guidelines aiming at fundamental targets:

  • reducing waste quantities,
  • recycling plastic and other materials within the Company and utilizing recycled plastics in certain product categories,
  • rationalizing the consumption of raw materials and, as a consequence, of virgin resins and other materials,
  • limiting the consumption of natural resources, with particular regard to energy.

The environmental principle is deeply rooted not only in production activities, but also in designing new eco-friendly and 100% recyclable innovative films: MANUSTIF® and MANUSTIF® EVOLUTION, MELITE, MELITE PLUS, MANUSTAR® SC, MANUNATURE®, highly-resistant, low thickness films – allow over 50% saving on material consumption versus traditional films and a great reduction in waste material.

Manupackaging sustainable stretch films

Safety and Security

Manupackaging is totally committed to taking all necessary precautions to ensure the safety and security of staff.

The Company agrees to abide by regulations currently in force, governing workplace safety and security, help spread and consolidate the importance of safety guidelines and the danger of risks in the workplace, promote and support responsible forms of behaviour by all employees.