• 100% recyclable, suitable on all machines, easy to use for the best running conditions.
  • Processable under all temperature conditions.
  • Optimal storing in different conditions, avoiding static charges and algae formation.
  • High pallets output and available with UV protection and UV absorber.
  • Excellent for packing heat sensitive products, neat appearance, complete and best protection against dust, moisture, dirt.
  • Anti theft security, high transparency, perfect visualization of pallet content (such as goods packed with bar code).
  • Superior puncture and impact resistance for excellent compact pallets, superior load stability and holding force.
  • One size of MANULOCK® is suitable for different formats, adaptable to tailor-made applications.
  • Low energy usage and no heating eliminate fire or explosion risk, minimizing insurance costs and unnecessary sticking on packed goods.
  • Easiness in bags removal.


Main application sector building, chemicals, bagged goods, general
Main conditions of application standard and sophisticated
Thickness range (µm) 80-150
Initial stretch* 70%
Residual stretch (%) on packaging unit* 35%
“Skin pack” performance good
Stretch good
Elasticity good
Weldability excellent
Holding force 6,0
Transparency optimal
Puncture good
UV protection/absorption yes

* Average data at standard conditions, not oversized pallets and 100 µm thickness.
Available on request: colour/marking, medium & high perforation.

Stretch hood for pallet unitization