Manupackaging Deutschland GmbH publishes its annual sustainability report for 2021.

The report summarises the sustainability-related activities in the areas of economy, ecology and social issues and provides an outlook on the next steps on the path to even greater sustainability.

In 2021, Manupackaging Deutschland expanded the production with two new extrusion lines to provide even more capacity for the production of the sustainable stretch film portfolio Manunature®.

100% of Manupackaging’s own production-related plastic waste has been recycled in order to conserve resources and to be able to fully control the quality of the recyclates at any time.

Manupackaging takes responsibility for their employees. We have been audited according to SMETA are registered on the SEDEX platform.

You can read and download the sustainability report directly here.

Further detailed information on our sustainable stretch film portfolio Manunature® are provided here.