New membership in Poland to reinforce the focus on Sustainability and Load Stability throughout Europe.

We’re delighted to announce that after Manupackaging Deutschland in 2019, also Manupackaging Polska as a branch member of the Manupackaging Group has joined EUMOS, The European Safe Logistics Association, earlier this year.

EUMOS is a non-profit association, focused on cargo transport safety, including packing, storage, loading and cargo securing and works for the producing industry as well as the transport sector. Shared vision of its members is saving lives in the logistics chain by setting and fulfilling the standards to constantly improve logistics safety. EUMOS has developed the standards EUMOS 40607 regarding the Qualified Expert for Cargo Securing and Transport Packaging and EUMOS 40674 regarding Cargo Safety Cards outlining minimum requirements to ensure maximum effect.

As a reliable expert for sustainable transport solutions for palletized goods, Manupackaging is committed to safe logistics in Europe. Pallet stability is the fundament of cargo security. It takes a set of considerations to design sustainable Load Stability concepts for customers´ individual needs. Safety for humans and all different goods are the framework to meet the highest standards for the transportation of palletized goods without any damage during onsite packaging, transport, delivery and unpacking.

To reinforce such a commitment, Manupackaging has recently invested in building its first M-Forum in Schkopau (Germany), a testing location right at the main production site of the Group highly specialized in assessing and certifying the load stability of our customers in full compliance with EUMOS standard and certification. A new dynamic acceleration bench and state of art testing equipment are being installed. The official opening to customers will be in September 2023.

Isabell Stolte, Group Innovation and R&D Director, stated “We welcome our Polish colleagues within the EUMOS world. Expanding our contribute and awareness to Load Stability is the necessary step after our recent move into Sustainability with Manunature. We see the Load Stability and Sustainability going hand in hand in the future. This is just in our DNA, a natural passion for protection.”

Piotr Oleszczuk, General Manager of Manupackaging in Poland, sums it up “We are very much looking forward to being part of this community of experts committed to improve safety throughout the distribution cycle and logistics chain. We strongly support our customers with expertise and solutions for Load Stability and test opportunities setting the best standards for cargo transport safety.“