Manupackaging is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Polymateria in the field of sustainable end-of-life packaging solutions.

Incorporating Polymateria’s technology, Manupackaging has successfully developed Manunature® BD, a novel 100% safe biodegradable super-power stretch film and stretch hood that, after the typical service life of 12 months, become biodegradable in the open terrestrial environment using Polymateria’s Biotransformation process.

Commenting on the partnership, Pierfranco Di Gioia CEO of M Stretch, the holding company of the Manupackaging Group, said:
“Thanks to a common vision inspired by sustainability and ESG principles, Polymateria and Manupackaging are a perfect match. The increasing demand for sustainable packaging solutions across all industries encouraged us to further develop eco-stretch films, which completely eliminate micro-plastics issues. After a thorough search for the best solution, we are excited to have chosen Polymateria as the ideal partner to implement this critical aspect of our ESG strategy. In order to anticipate the future growth in demand for greener high performing products, we recently installed two new cutting-edge extrusion lines dedicated to the production and development of our current and forthcoming sustainable films.”

Polymateria Chief Commercial Officer Richard Horne said:
“We are delighted to support Manupackaging as our global preferred partner for stretch film and stretch hood in their efforts to help their customers to achieve their sustainability goals. The Manupackaging team has been a pioneer for the development of our technology in stretch films and stretch hoods across various industrial segments. It is great to see fully biodegradable film option being made available for their customers.”

Manunature® BD is approved as biodegradable according to the BSI PAS 9017:2020 criteria, the world’s first standard which ensures that polyolefin plastics fully biodegrade in the open terrestrial environment without creating any microplastics or harm to nature.