Last week, the time had finally come – after intensive preparatory work and real teamwork, Manupackaging Deutschland GmbH officially opened the innovative hybrid showroom for safe and sustainable load securing at the Schkopau production site.

The manufacturing specialists at Manupacking invited stretch film users to this very special event for a direct exchange of ideas. The so-called M-Forum combines three important components of modern film packaging technology: choosing the right material composition, securing the load and sustainability through recycled films.

For the inauguration of the M-Forum, customers, partners and suppliers of Manupackaging, as well as employees from various country locations, came together for an intensive professional exchange.

“We were able to attract Angel Hernández, President of the European Safe Logistics Association (EUMOS), as a speaker and Dr Michael Scriba, a renowned plastics recycling expert, as a moderator. Together with Ilia Bilbie from our supplier Polymateria and René Münchhausen from our partner company Climate Partner, the experts on our stage helped to inform and inspire the participants and to have lively discussions with them,” said Massimo Moroni. René Münchhausen focused on a new level in climate protection and gave an overview of how companies can already make their investments in climate protection more transparent.

Close-the-loop for stretch films

In order to make packaging processes more sustainable, Manupackaging recently introduced a closed-loop system for reintroducing used plastic film, which was used to secure pallets for transport, into the market. The idea is to collect used stretch film by type, compact it, regranulate it and reprocess it into new stretch film with a recycled content of up to 60 percent.

Dr Isabell Stolte, Head of Research, Development and Innovation at Manupackaging, sees great incentives for companies to participate in the recycling programme for true circular economy of packaging films: Rewards, saving storage space, reducing disposal costs and improving their own sustainability statistics. This project was also explained, deepened and discussed on site.

Potential of the test centre

In addition to the production of plastic films, the company also carries out tests of load units and training courses on load securing with certified experts. The different services were presented and demonstrated on site. A passionate talk on the necessity of optimal pallet securing for transport was given by Ángel Hernández as part of the interesting event programme. The M-Forum enables users of stretch film, whether they are already customers of Manupackaging or interested parties, to have their packaged goods subjected to a dynamic test for load security on site in accordance with the EUMOS standard and to obtain reliable characteristic values. The focus is always on the triad between material composition, sustainability and safety.

Massimo Moroni, Global Head of Marketing & Procurement summarises the mission: “Our goal is always to find an advantage for the prospective customer: Either better load securing, a more sustainable product without compromising on safety, or less material used and therefore lower costs. The optimum is, of course, a mixture of all three factors.”

A special feature of the M-Forum: It is possible to order a hybrid test procedure. This means that the customer can follow the tests of their packaging solution live online, they do not necessarily have to travel to Manupackaging in Schkopau to do so.

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