As the inventor of stretch film in Europe, we have a natural responsibility in the development and production of sustainable stretch film.

Our claim A natural passion for protection clearly expresses this core value and it means that we do everything we can to create a circular economy for our stretch film products.

As a specialist in sustainable tertiary packaging, we are an integral part of the entire packaging-relevant supply chain and for this reason we are an active member of the IK Industrievereinigung Kunststoffverpackungen e.V..

This is the trade association of the German plastics packaging industry. Around 300 companies are involved here in order to concretely shape the future in the present.

The future-relevant hot topics are eco-design, recyclability, reusable and refillable systems, use of recycled materials and bio-based raw materials.

Only with technological innovation will we ultimately achieve the goal of a circular economy – with infinite potential to design primary, secondary and tertiary packaging in an innovative and sustainable way.

The world, we as consumers, designers, producers and consumers need plastic. It is the only way we can benefit from hygienic food, electromobility, modern medical products and much more. Every packaging protects and must fulfil the criteria of avoiding damage and unnecessary waste.

Mara Hancker, Managing Director of Communications at IK Industrievereinigung Kunststoffverpackungen e.V., sums this up aptly: “In many ways, packaging makes our prosperity possible and our consumption sustainable. Because what packaging protects rarely ends up as waste. But unlike marine litter, CO2 is invisible. Explaining the positive climate relevance of packaging is often not easy, but that does not make it any less true. Let’s do one without letting the other: let’s protect our environment from waste and the climate from populist misguided decisions against plastic. Let’s break through the either-or and get the best out of ourselves and the material.”

Sharing is caring and that is why we recommend this source of information:

Less raw material use, higher use of recyclates, maximum ease of reuse-compact everything on one page with concrete instructions, it’s all here: Eco Design.

Everything at a glance for sustainable innovations on the way to the circular economy.