Manupackaging engineers, product managers, application key accounts are available to suggest and provide the best price-quality ratio packaging solutions that minimize the environmental impact and provide the best goods security during transit and transportation, according European Directive EU/2014 of 29/4/2019.

Manupackaging provides the most efficient packing solutions, meeting the most particular needs of its clients, through a wide range of stretch films for pallet wrapping, all of them made of 100% recyclable cast LLDPE with different thickness, resistance and flexibility characteristics, along with the widest variety of stretch hoods under the MANULOCK® brand product line.

Furthermore, Manupackaging, as a complement to its manufactured products, distributes a wide range of packaging consumables, including bubble bags, packaging and special tapes, strapping, shrink and polyolefin films, top sheets, packaging machines.

Stretch film
Stretch hood
Waste baling film