This space is open to

  • A End user industry including but not limited to the following sectors: food, beverages,  hygiene and paper, logistics, food, construction, paper and printing, agriculture,  electronics, recycling and waste recovery
  • B Packaging Distributors
  • C Universities, Vocational, Schools
  • D Network and multipliers like sector associations, sustainability initiatives, packaging  machines manufacturers
  • E Manupackaging Team Members and Distribution Companies Team Members

This space is

for LIVE communication and interaction with customers, interested parties and partners
to learn, touch, try out, test, train, develop new solutions
hybrid, so it works ideal for live meetings on site AND remote simultaneously

    Content & FORMATS

    Stress Tests

    Our stress test for pallet unit stretched with film is designed to ensure that our stretch film products can effectively secure loads under various conditions.
    Using our Manupackaging acceleration bench, we test multiple wrapping program options to determine the optimal settings for securing your specific load.

    All test results are reported according to the EUMOS 40509:2020 standard and we provide on-site validation of the results. With our EUMOS Certificate according to EUMOS 40509:2020, you can be confident that your load is secured to the highest industry standards. Choose our stretch film products for peace of mind and reliable load security.

    Load Securing Tests

    These tests are designed to demonstrate the effective-ness of our stretch film products in securing loads.
    They are conducted in a controlled environment and provide valuable insights into the performance of our products under various conditions.

    Load Securing Trainings

    Our load securing trainings are designed to teach individuals how to properly secure loads using our stretch film products. These trainings cover topics such as the different types of loads, how to select the right film, and proper application techniques.

    Topic Talks

    Our topic talks cover specific areas of interest related to load securing and our stretch film products. These talks are conducted by experts in the field and provide valuable insights and information.

    Expert Talks

    Our expert talks provide an in-depth look at the science behind our stretch film products and how they work to secure loads. These talks are conducted by our top engineers and scientists and are designed for individuals with a deep technical interest in the topic.

    Experience Days

    Our experience days provide an opportunity for customers to see our communication center in action. They will have a chance to witness load securing tests, attend training sessions and participate in discussions with our experts.

    Masterclass 1 for Distributors

    This masterclass is designed for our distributors, providing them with a deep understanding of our stretch film products and how to effectively sell them. It covers topics such as product features, benefits, and best practices for promoting our products.

    Masterclass 2 for Machine Manufacturers

    This masterclass is designed for machine manufacturers who are interested in integrating our stretch film products into their machines. It covers topics such as film specifications, machine compatibility, and application techniques.


    Our webinars provide a convenient way for individuals to learn about load securing and our stretch film products. They are conducted online and cover a range of topics, including product features, best practices, and case studies.

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