As long-term member of ERDE – the German Harvest Plastics Recycling Initiative – we are proud to announce the joint result of the ERDE Recycling SYSTEM with our climate protection certificate 2022.

In cooperation with other manufacturers, we are making a necessary and relevant contribution to improving the climate balance and protecting nature from plastic emissions into agricultural soils with this take-back and recycling concept for harvested plastics.

We are particularly encouraged by the 20% increase in recycling results compared to the previous year. Just another motivator for our mission: A natural passion for protection.

As manufacturer of established agricultural films, it is particularly important to us to make an active contribution to sustainable agriculture and resource-conserving waste management practices.

The climate protection certificate attests to the annual collection and recycling of silage and stretch films, yarns, bale nets, perforated films, asparagus films and nonwovens.

By consigning these materials to recycling 42 748 tons of greenhouse gaswas reduced in absolute terms.
This is equivalent to the greenhouse gas emissions that 3,080,902 trees absorb every year in Europe.

We would like to thank our partners of the ERDE Recycling Initiative, IK Industrie Kunststoffverpackungen e.V. and RIGK GmbH for the joint mission.